6. Nationaler (2017-09-30)
Kategori: Tävling
Karta/område: Nodhalten
Arrangör: OLG Bern
Distans: Long
A day after the World Cup we got to test the same terrain too. Expected it to be more or less a similar course as the World Cup. Had to walk already after 50m because it was so steep and so high undergrowth towards control 1. Didnt happen so often before that I needed to walk towards control 1 ;) Got a quite good start in to the race, tried to have control of what I was seeing and needed to see, but was not always 100% clean. First real climb towards control 8 wich I felt afterwards while running on the path. There was a forest machine wich needed to be avoided for us, while the world cup runners could pass there. Didnt left control 10 very clean and lost quite some time there. After 12 I didnt saw the path down on the same side of the stream so decided to cross the valley quite early. No paths in some heavy undergrowth there, so knew something was wrong. Ended with a small mistake in the control circle. Decided against the upper RC here again specially since I didnt knew about the path wich I missed before also. So took the very steep 220m climb. Asked myself in the middle if this is still a race or more hiking with a map. Felt so slow walking up there and suffering hard to even move quick. Probably killed my legs there and suffered even more towards 15 and 16. Should maybe have taken the road to climb towards 16 and end up on the upper side of the forbidden area. RC mistake towards 17 where I should have ran down to the path and run around but decided against that route because I didnt read the map carefully enough and tought that the big path has more climb than it actually had. Luckily I could enjoy my mistake the next day even more since we walked along that path to our start. Kind of walk of shame ;) Anyway quite good result regarding that I could not train uphill running or downhill at all lately. Really tired legs and body after the race.
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6. Nationaler (2017-09-30) 6. Nationaler (2017-09-30)