7. Nationaler (2017-10-01)
Kategori: Tävling
Karta/område: Dirrenberg
Arrangör: OLG Bern
Distans: Middle
My legs didnt felt great at all after that hard race yesterday. Specially the downhill parts were going to hurt and there had to be many downhill parts here again. Started quite well and controlled but towards control 3 i wanted to leave the path more direct down to the open area but the vegetation was very poor there so decided against it and turned around again. Took probably the wrong route towards 10. Should have ran out flat towards the big road and run down from there towards the control. Next mistake towards control 12 where I couldnt match the terrain with what I saw. Saw the control but decided its not mine wich I regreted 20s later. A bit stressed towards 13 but could just hold it together but did a small mistake towards 14 wich didnt help to climb to 15. Had not a bad split towards 16 but probably a routechoice where you run out more flat at the begining and take the control from above seems to be faster because I lose quite a lot there?! Stupid mistake to 17 where I tought I passed the small hill already. Quite confused right before 19, it was not as I expected it and had a really bad direction out of 19. Had troubles to match the vegetation with what I saw and had troubles to find the control in the control circle too. Did a small direction mistake in to 24 and seems like I was really tired there too because I lose a lot from 23 to the finish. Really nice course.
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7. Nationaler (2017-10-01) 7. Nationaler (2017-10-01)