4. OfA (2016-08-27)
Kategori: Tävling
Karta/område: Ils Aults
Arrangör: OLG Chur
Local competition in my "home"-forest. Very warm and dry weather (around 32 degrees). Forgot how ugly the vegetation can get in this forest in summer. Wanted to start early to follow the WOC realys so got the full taste of it. Bracken and brambles on many places. Else often high grass covering the uneaven ground. In addition to it, many bushes or low and dry branches that prevent you from running straight. Hit a branch with my forehead right after control 1. Had to pull out a small bit of the branch from my forehead. Busy with testing how much blood was running down until the 3rd control. It stopped then, so decided to keep on running. I have a small 2cm long scar on my forehead now, but its doing fine.
Technically it was ok. Got a bit stuck in the vegetation to 1. Wanted to save climb towards 11 (since the course had enough of it anyway!), but got a bit stuck on the steep sidehill and in the light green there. Almost searched for the control a bit to early, because the control circle hides some things. Afterwards didnt find the good crossing point through the green towards 12. Twisted my left foot ankle quite badly towards 14 and therefore didnt pay enough attention on the map for some seconds. Already pretty tired up there. Would have needed something to drink. Expected the area of control 17 a bit different. And still think the map should be drawn a bit different there. So didnt really knew where to look for the control since there was a lot of underbrush where i expected the control to be.
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Micke: A win, nice! Take care of your head
Jorgen : Nice to see, Flavio! Seems to have been a more or less perfect run again. Impressive!
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4. OfA (2016-08-27) 4. OfA (2016-08-27)