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På denna sida lägger jag in kartor, banor och vägval från mina orienteringslopp.

SprintCup#3 (2017-09-19)
tisdag 19 september 2017
Haldenstein, OLG Chur
2x Short Sprint
New maps are always fun. Hadnt been in this town more than once and about 20 years ago. Did run first course 2, but didnt take a m...
4. Davoser Abend OL (2017-08-30)
onsdag 30 augusti 2017
Flüelapass, OLG Davos
Used the last real warm day of the summer to go to a small competition in my "region". Did run in the area just once at national r...
Clubtraining OLG Chur (2017-08-22)
tisdag 22 augusti 2017
Uaul Grond Trin Crestasee, OLG Chur
Some parts of this forest are sooo beautiful, some are just very green and rough. Old map, so yellow parts are mostly dark green b...
Rerun OfA. and BündnerCup 2 Bonaduz (2017-04-15)
lördag 15 april 2017
Bot Tschavir, OLG Chur
Reran the last Competition here wich I missed due to Swedish League. A2-Course wich my father and brother ran. Missed the first co...
Camp Flavio Night Middle (2017-04-10)
måndag 10 april 2017
Solbacken - Kynäsberget, Simon , Sweden
Night Middle
Reran a training organized by Simon some time ago. Almost at all places there was still some control out. As always I really liked...
tisdag 28 mars 2017
Fürsti, OLG Chur Puntschart
Training on the nicer part of the map. Really nice day out with around 20 degrees and a lot of sun before it set. Training on a re...
Night-O Training (2017-03-10)
fredag 10 mars 2017
Fürsti, Ruppenthal
Quite difficult course (except for some controls like 4th). Had some troubles, specially seems like i always got a bit to low on t...