22evla CO d'Engiadina bassa (2017-10-28)
Kategori: Tävling
Karta/område: Susch-Lavin
Arrangör: CO Engadina
First time in the JWOC middle distance final forest for me. Really special forest with almost no undergrowth, besides some high grass on the open areas. So very fast and good visibility. Did a mistake towards control 9, dashed line is what I thought I do. Probably couldnt spot that I have to climb a bit to get over the hill where "2/6" is. So got a bit unsure all the way down to the path. But managed to relocate very quickly. Small miss towards 16 when I tought emediatly before the top of the hill that I might got a bit to far to the right hand side. Even if I knew it was right before. After 19 I should probably have stayed on the same hight and go down later to the path. On top of it I also almost took the wrong path... But really good orienteering today and a good end of the season. Got a lot of motivation for the winter and next year
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22evla CO d'Engiadina bassa (2017-10-28) 22evla CO d'Engiadina bassa (2017-10-28)